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10 of the best motorcycles for beginner bikers

1st November 2019 | Published by Evo Money

Whether you’re looking for a cool cruiser, a sleek sports bike, or a zippy runaround, there are plenty of motorcycles to choose from. Not all, however, will be suitable for the beginner biker.

To help new riders find the right bike for them, this article explores a diverse selection of motorbikes to suit any budget.

1. Aprilia RS4 50

Designed specifically for young riders, the Aprilia RS4 50 is perfect for beginner bikers. Celebrated as ‘the superbike for 16 year olds’, the RS4 50 features a 50cc two-stroke engine, six-speed gearbox and a race-style rev counter with digital speedo, to offer the authentic experience of a sportbike.

Featuring Aprilia’s innovative technology, this racer replica can be a little expensive for a first bike – but it’s completely worth it. Be prepared to spend around £3,000 to get a second-hand one in good condition.

2. Honda Vision 50

If you’re looking for something to nip around town in, try the less powerful, yet equally as fun, Honda Vision 50. While it is technically classed as a scooter, the Honda Vision 50 is easy to ride, economical and reliable, making it perfect for city riding and commuting. You’ll also benefit from a spacious, comfortable seat which could easily fit two people, and thanks to its sleek shape and lightweight nature, the Honda Vision 50 easily conquers congested streets.

For a good-quality second-hand model, you’ll probably want to spend around £1,200, although you can get ones for as little as £450 if you’re on a strict budget.

3. AJS JSM 50

The AJS JSM 50 is a sporty scrambler-style bike, perfect for new riders seeking something thrilling, but not too powerful. Featuring an impressive six-speed gearbox and a 49cc two-stroke engine, this zippy, all-terrain looking bike is great for AM licence holders. Aesthetically, the JSM 50 is exciting, with its strong satin black alloy wheels and its vibrant, bold bodywork.

Stylish and affordable, you can buy one of these mean machines for around £1,700, depending on the condition.

4. Yamaha MT-125

Designed with young riders in mind, the Yamaha MT-125 is budget-friendly, reliable and extremely good looking. With a three-section digital dash which displays a clock, petrol gauge, trip time, mpg, distance to service and average speed, the MT-125 features everything a new rider could hope for.

Despite featuring a speedy yet not-too-powerful 125cc engine, the MT-125 boasts a ‘big bike’ feel and riding position with its naked chassis, athletic styling and wide-fitting handlebars. Depending on the condition of the bike, you can get a second-hand MT-125 for £2000 to £4000.

5. Kawasaki KLX250S

For someone seeking a little more power after passing their mod 2 test, the Kawasaki KLX250S features a 250cc, four-stroke engine and can be ridden legally both on and off-road. With a large, cushy seat and a natural riding position, this dual-sport bike is surprisingly quiet, comfortable and easy to ride.

While it’s not the most powerful off-road bike out there, the Kawasaki KLX250S can easily keep up with motorway traffic, as well as tear through mud with ease, climbs moderate hills and pull itself through deep sand – perfect for up-and-coming adventure bikers.

To get your hands on a second-hand model in good condition, look at spending anything from £3,250. If you want a real bang for your buck, the Kawasaki KLX250S is a great choice.

6. Harley-Davidson Street 500

The Harley-Davidson Street 500 is the perfect cruiser for bikers who are looking for something a little more laid-back, but still powerful. Since its release in 2014, the Street 500 and Street 750 have surpassed the Sportster and became the motor company’s go-to starter bike. Featuring a 492cc, liquid-cooled, ‘Revolution X’ v-twin-engine, the Street 500 was specifically designed to dominate the city streets and appeal to new riders.

While it is rather large and heavy for a 500cc, the cruiser offers a low-set seat which makes it easier for new riders who need to be able to reach the ground quickly. Reach to the bars is natural, with a relaxed seat position, making it an ideal cruiser for new riders with a smaller build, who are seeking a bike for city riding. For a second-hand Street 500, be prepared to spend around £5,000.

7. Honda CMX500 Rebel

Stylish, lightweight and fun, the Honda CMX500 Rebel is a novice-friendly cruiser featuring a reasonably powerful 471cc liquid-cooled, four-stroke engine. The Rebel is perfect for riders with a small build, thanks to its low seat and lightweight frame. Above all, it’s reliable, versatile and makes for a fun ride, especially suitable for cruising around town with ease.

The Honda Rebel is also available in 300cc – great for new riders who aren’t yet used to the power of a 500cc. As a side note, you’ll need an A2 licence to ride this beauty. Another budget-friendly cruiser, the CMX500 Rebel can cost around £4,000 or more depending on the condition of the bike.

8. Suzuki Bandit 600

The Suzuki Bandit is an ideal starter bike for those looking for a more powerful ride with the promise of reliability. First released in 1995, the Bandit was one of the first budget middleweight bikes, coming after Yamaha’s Diversion which was launched in 1991. In fact, the Bandit was considered the better of the two bikes because it was significantly cheaper, good looking, and served its purpose perfectly as a speedy yet budget-friendly bike.

With a top speed of 125mph, the Bandit is not only fast, but it handles well – which is great for new riders learning to handle a more powerful bike. Nowadays, Suzuki Bandits range from £600 to £2000 depending on the condition – an excellent price for such a powerful bike.

9. Suzuki SV650

Featuring a 645cc V-twin engine, the Suzuki SV650 is powerful but not quite enough to intimidate a new rider. In fact, the bike offers an impressively smooth ride and is moderately lightweight, making it easy to handle.

Featuring a Low RPM Assist helps avoid stalling, which is great when you’re a new rider. Practical and comfortable, the Suzuki SV650 features an upright riding position while still maintaining a very sporty feel. As a bonus, the Suzuki is fuel-efficient with an average of 48mpg.

You can get your hands on one of these beauties for around £3000 – £6000, depending on the condition.

10. Triumph T120 Bonneville
At a glance, you may not think that the Triumph T120 Bonneville would be a suitable bike for beginners, but take a little time to get to know the ride, and you’d be wrong. Fitted with a powerful 1,200cc twin-parallel high torque engine, the T120 Bonneville has plenty of power to get you where you need to go without fuss. As a cruiser, the T120 is powerful enough to be fun without the fear factor.

With a mid-range, surprisingly comfortable seat, you get a good balance between control and a relaxed riding position. As with many of Triumph’s classic creations, the T120 Bonneville boasts a timeless beauty with its handcrafted chrome detailing, heated grips, and 160 available accessories.

Costing anywhere between £8,000 – £11,000 depending on the condition, the T120 Bonneville may be slightly more expensive than the other beginner bikes listed here, but it definitely makes up for it in performance.

Secured Motorcycle Loans at Evolution Money

Whether the Vision or the Bandit has caught your eye, or you’re hoping to keep your options open by buying and insuring more than one bike, finding your first motorcycle can be difficult. For beginner bikers, the more research you conduct and the more experience you gain from handling and trialling different bikes, the more informed your decision.

Also, for those concerned with affordability, at Evolution Money, we’re able to offer motorbike loans to help you buy your ideal bike. Our motorbike loans range from £5,000 up to £50,000.

We take your personal circumstances into account and offer affordable repayment rates to suit you. For more information on secure motorcycle loans at Evolution Money, contact our qualified loan advisors at Evolution Money today for a no-obligation quote on 0161 814 9158.

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