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Instalment Loans for Bad Credit

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Instalment Loans

Evolution Money offers instalment loans of up to £100,000. And we’ll ensure your payment terms suit your circumstances.

Our application process is simple, our lending terms are flexible, and we offer no-obligation quotes. So, what’s stopping you finding out if you’re eligible?

Find out how much you can borrow with our instalment loan calculator today

What our happy customers say:

How much do you want to borrow? £5,000 to £100,000
For how long? 3 to 20 years.
Loan Purpose
What is your loan for? Your answer won't affect our decision but is helpful to know.
Is this a joint application?

Loan terms to suit your situation

No one can plan for the unexpected. When a problem happens like roof repairs, a broken boiler or a car breaks down, it can come at a considerable cost. There might also be a big ticket item on the horizon – like a wedding or a new car. That’s why taking out an instalment loan could be an option. With an instalment loan from Evolution Money, you can borrow the amount you need, with payment terms that suit your personal and financial circumstances.

That’s because our decision isn’t based solely on your credit history. So, if you have a less-than-perfect credit history, it needn’t be a barrier to getting the instalment loan you want.

If you're looking to obtain credit, our secured loans can be used for a range of purposes

Carry out home improvements; a great way to invest back into your property
A wedding loan could turn your plans into a reality
Bigger personal items such as cars can be financed using a secured loan
Take your family on that much needed holiday
Even if you have bad credit we could still help you with a loan

Questions you may have...

What is the benefit of an instalment loan?

Our team of instalment loan specialists have supported thousands of people in making a decision that’s right for their own personal situation. Many borrowers choose to opt for a secured instalment loan for a number of reasons:

Clear monthly budget. With an instalment loan, borrowers can establish an estimated cost as part of their monthly outgoings. This allows people to better manage their budget and stick to a clear financial plan.

Flexibility. If you opt for this type of loan, you’ll never be expected to pay above the agreed instalments. With flexible repayment periods, you can decide on a term that is most affordable for you.

Larger value loans. Instalment loans often give applicants the chance to borrow a higher value loan.

More time to repay. Loans of a larger value, we will always look for the most affordable payment term that is suitable for you. Evolution Money offers a maximum loan duration of 20 years, which allows the borrower to split the cost of their loan into 240 monthly repayments.

Fewer usage restrictions. A secured instalment loan can be used for almost any purpose. We regularly work with people to help fund major home improvements, existing business investments, car purchases, or even their wedding day and honeymoon.

Is an instalment loan the only option?

If you’re thinking of applying for an instalment loan, it is always a good idea to weigh up all available options beforehand, like credit cards and unsecured loans these may be avenues worth exploring and better suited to your individual situation; however, the majority of other lenders focus solely on a person’s credit score when evaluating a finance application.

Evolution Money are different in that we always take into account a person’s current financial situation, not just their previous credit history. This means that a poor score won’t necessarily hold you back from the loan you need.

If a person does decide on an instalment-based loan, they must always remain aware of their responsibility to make every agreed repayment on time. Evolution Money provides variable rate loans, which means the precise payments may increase or decrease over time. Failure to repay instalments on time may result in additional charges and could negatively impact their credit rating.

Want to know the approximate cost and timescales of your loan? Take a look at our handy loan calculator to see what your repayments might be on an Instalment Loan through Evolution Money.

Or, give us a quick call on 0161 814 9158 to talk through your loan needs and get a no obligation quote from our qualified loan advisors at Evolution Money.

Apply for my Instalment Loan

Representative 28.96% APRC (Variable) - For a typical loan of £20,950 over 85 months with a variable interest rate of 23.00% per annum, your monthly repayments would be £537.44. Including a Product Fee of £2,095.00 (10% of the loan amount) and a Lending Fee of £714.00, the total amount repayable is £45,682.15. Annual Interest Rates ranging from 11.7% to 46.5% (variable). Maximum 50.00% APRC. The loan must be paid back by your 70th birthday. Read more.

Think carefully before securing debts against your home your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage or any other loan secured against it. If you are thinking of consolidating existing borrowing, you should be aware that you may be extending the terms of the debt and increasing the total amount you repay.
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