Christmas Loan

For many people, Christmas is the most important time of the year to catch up with friends and family and to spend time together. It’s also a time people choose to show their appreciation and love for others by selecting the right present for the people they care about. Although presents don’t always have to be expensive, they often are. And the fact that Christmas involves giving presents to everyone at the same time can make it hard to manage financially.

With a secured Christmas loan through Evolution Money you could get that lump sum you need to get everything prepared in time for the perfect Christmas. A Christmas loan will help spread the cost more evenly over a fixed period and help relieve the financial burden. If you have poor credit and have been turned away by high street lenders then Evolution Money could still help you with a Christmas loan this year.

At Evolution Money we don’t rely on your credit score, we’ll look at your personal circumstances and ability to repay the loan back. Even if you have a less than perfect credit rating or negative equity in your home you may still be able to secure a Christmas loan. To get an idea of what the repayments might be on your secured Christmas Loan, just use our handy calculator.